Are your annual inspections current?

Why Should You Keep Them Current?

A fire is reported every seven minutes in Texas. How safe are residents of your buildings? Keeping current on your inspections reduces your liability and keeps your equipment functioning at its best. We can inspect all of your fire protection equipment and keep you ready for potential fires and emergencies.

Properties We Can Inspect

We can monitor and service any property in Texas.

Our 24-hour emergency service and team of inspectors can meet your fire protection needs. Our experience works for you by combining all of your code-required inspections into one bill. It saves you time, cuts down the hassles, and reduces expenses.

As a full service alarm contractor, we can complete repairs if any are required after inspection. Our services include new installations, repairs, trouble shooting, inspections and monitoring. Our licensed technicians combine their experience with the latest in fire protection technology to meet your needs.

How Much Will It Cost?

We’re happy to send you a bid. Some properties require a site visit for an estimate, yet many can be done by email. Please email with information including:

  • Physical Address
  • Your phone number
  • Number of buildings and unit