By submitting, Subscriber agrees to the following: Upon receipt of an alarm signal from the Subscriber’s Premise, GSC Industries, Inc. and its contractors (Company), shall make every reasonable effort to transmit the alarm promptly to the headquarters of the police or fire department having jurisdiction, unless there is just cause to assume that the emergency condition does not exist, and then the Company shall make a reasonable effort to notify subscriber or his/her designated representative by telephone, unless instructed to do otherwise. Additionally, Company will attempt to notify Subscriber’s Call List after the proper authority is notified. In the event the Subscriber should notify the Company immediately after a false alarm and can be identified on the call list and by password verification, Company will discontinue notifying the authority and/or call list, and disregard the alarm. Company, at it’s own option may pre-qualify an alarm by calling the alarm site prior to any authority being notified, to avoid false alarms. This schedule is part of the Alarm Systems Agreement which you have executed and is subject to the terms and conditions of the entire contract.